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Terri Cruce Fitness Now Lives Here

If you've landed here via my fitness site link, Terricrucefitness.com, you may be scratching your head right now, asking what happened.

Well, we've moved! And we've changed. Here's how.

New Focus

When it comes to what it means to be healthy, we believe there are many aspects that must be in sync for optimal health and fitness.

They include the total package of mind + body + spirit. And that's why we've made the shift from focusing on one or two areas of fitness, to something more all encompassing.

We want you to find your way to health, doing whatever works best for you. And we want to support you along the way.

We will write posts on many things, not just weight loss and healthy eating. Anything goes, at the new Thoughts Spoken site.

We're all about everything that makes life richer!

Below are links to each of our areas of discussion. Simply click and explore!

Our Passions

On Living Well

A life well lived is a life at peace with one's self. When you live the life that fits you -- mind, body, and spirit -- that is what true happiness is all about. This also encompasses those areas of human endeavor that I have strong feelings about -- everything from kindness, empathy, manners and basic elements of human decency.

On Health

Health embodies so much more than simply eating well and exercising. It is the total body and mind plus spirit. All work together to create harmony and peace.

That is the true essence, to me, of living a healthy life.

On Animal Welfare

One of the things I have a strong passion about is animals and their well-being.

I believe that animals deserve the same level of human kindness as any human being.

I am especially passionate about pit bulls and the education and rehabilitation of the public image of these amazing and misunderstood creatures.

I will be writing often on this subject as it is a hot button for me.

On Random Thoughts

I have so many thoughts, ideas, dreams and moments of epiphany that I often want to put on paper. Or computer screen, in my case.

This is where I will share those things that don't fit tidily under any specific heading or category.

My hope is that if something helps me, maybe it will help you too.

Pretty much, anything goes.